Salam guys, thank you for visiting my home, BLB ( Millions of thank for you my readers wherever you are; Indonesia (1482 viewers), United States (216 viewers), Canada (49 viewers), Malaysia (23 viewers), France (16 viewers), India (15 viewers), Ireland (11 viewers), Singapore (10 viewers), South Africa (9 viewers), European union (7 viewers), United Kingdom (3 viewers), Hong Kong SAR China (3 viewers), America Samoa (3 viewer), Brunei, Italy, Japan, Germany, Turkey, China, South Korea, Netherlands, and Sweden. Thank you so much for coming and enjoying this blog, guys. 🙂

I don’t know what I can say to you except many thanks for being my friends here. A year we have been together and learn much about life. I know, what I shared with you still limited guys, but I hope you never hesitate to give me the opinion, because your comment can be input for me to write better insya Allah. I’m sorry if my writing still not consistent yet, but I will try better next year insya Allah.

Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me a chance to keep going here, to share whatever I can give to you my beloved readers in the world as long as I’m still alive, surely. It doesn’t mean I know much about many thing, guys. I just a learner that wanna to try to make a history in my life by writing.

Hmm, I’m surprise that Annazharu wa tafakkur and Marriage is a worship become two favorites article this year. 🙂 Make me aware that writing by heart always will accept by heart too. Did you agree, guys?

Well, here is the way for me to teach my self to always remember that the time must be blessing of Allah in a good way wherever I am. That the age must be a blessing in kindness, that the sustenance and the knowledge must be blessing and beneficial for many people.

There is always a place to improve if we make a mistake.
There is always a room to understand if we don’t know.
There are always opportunities if we want to try and have a strong will to achieve it.
Enthusiasm gives us strength energy.
A good and wise attitude gives us balance control.

For you my beloved readers wherever you are, here my writing special for you. I hope whatever you do right now, will get blessing of Allah and make it more blessing day to day, month to month and year to year. Aamiin…

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